My career has been a lifelong pursuit of art in a variety of mediums. I have been

fortunate enough to experience and contribute to our collective culture with a

large variety of projects, always with one goal: to explore and expand upon the

conversation between the world and the self. As a child, it was my love of silent

black and white films that began my pursuit in the arts. Since early childhood, my

artistic expression has been nurtured by a family of multi-media artists. My

mother was a gifted painter of portraits and landscapes, and my father’s

whimsical oratories (award winning toastmaster) continues to inspire my work

today. My skill set has been developed and refined in formal learning

environments and in practical application of learned methods in the areas of

performing, drawing, and painting.

I like taking the historical elements of the architecture, highlighting some and

extrapolating others. Similar to my walking tours, I open up various elements of

each building that would otherwise be overlooked by the overwhelming amount

of details the historical craftsmen created on every project. I highlight the

connection between the craftsperson and the viewer, the creator and the

consumer, the facility and the movie, each informing the other with the various

mediums coalescing into a cohesive experience.